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Okay, here’s the low-down, tl;dr, desperate cry for financial help. Between a lot of personal problems and also going on a trip that has been planned way too far in advance to put on hold at the last second, I could really, really, REALLY use some help and I’m willing to work for it. My paypal is and if you’d like to commission me, please message me and then send the payment through paypal. Donations are intensely appreciated and I really can’t thank you enough. Reblogs also help and I still can’t thank you enough for helping me get this message out there.

(**You don’t have to commission an entire comic to have a drawing done in my comic style. Other drawings can be done with a simple background or as a transparency at no extra cost. Specific backgrounds will have a fee, which can be discussed and would be anywhere between $5-$15. Let’s talk!)

Now the long part if you’re interested, explaining those little images up there from top to bottom:

Firstly, I have a very dear friend struggling with money. She had to move into a new place and the deposit and fees took out the money she had for groceries and medication. Although she wasn’t asking for help, I have expressed that I want to help her. I’ve already made sure that she’s gotten the money to help cover her medication but if I could throw her a portion of my earnings to help get her some noodles till her bank can recover, that would be great!

Second, my dad was the one who commissioned me and helped me support my friend. His birthday is coming up and I’d like to put some money aside to get him a gift. He’s paying an awful lot for the work I’m doing and I’d like to make it up to him.

Third, AUGHHHGJDSKGJFDG this is a huge source of stress for me. Long story short, because he shitty American education system and discrimination against mental illness, I owe $4,800 to a collection agency. Payments are going to have to be made in order to keep me out of civil court. If I can afford at least one payment within the next 30 days, I can avoid having to go to court and getting my bank/paypal accounts seized. Which would be, you know, cool.

Lastly, I’m going to Dashcon! This was planned months ago and everything’s been paid for. By my girlfriend. The only thing I was able to provide was a place to stay and it didn’t cost me anything because I have friends in Chicago. So that’s cool but I kinda don’t want my girlfriend to have to pay for my meals on top of my round-trip ticket and weekend badge and my cosplay and EVVERRRYTHING.

SO!! I’m starting this commission drive. My paypal,, is open to donations, also. I’m going to be very careful with my earnings, dividing up each commission so that I can cover everything. I’ll bring my tablet with me on the trip but I have to be honest and warn that they might take a little while. I promise they will get done, though! And feel free to message me about updates if I owe you one. If I don’t answer, assume the message didn’t send; I will always reply!

Thank you so much.

Various Turias painted at the coffee shop tonight (with the exception of the last, which was painted some time in December). There’s a lot of shiny/sparkle bits that can not be picked up by the scanner, sadly. Like his eyes in the first one.


Turia(cus) (one of his many names) is one of my many OCs and will feature in my Lupercalia novels.

An open letter to the WTNV fandom



Tumblr user videntefernandez has been targeted by multiple harassers with false claims who attempt to discredit her behind her back, and then attack people who like her or who enjoy her work. 

Some crimes against her include

  • accusations of her abusing her partner honeyedrose because she draws BDSM
  • some have drawn her intimate relations with her partner into question even though what she does sexually is no one’s business
  • accusations of white supremacy due to her former username and her white!Cecil design [she is a queer hispanic Mexican who draws half her WTNV characters as nonwhite, but her harassers won’t tell you that]
  • false accusations of her harassment of user transcarlos. She has in fact never harassed anyone for any reason. Meanwhile, these are experiences of other users:




So I hope this issue is put to rest soon, but not before everyone knows that Videntefernandez and her followers are the victims of harassment, not the propagators. 

People are still asking me what happened, so here’s a summary.


Just thought I’d share what I’ve been working on. Disembodied Earl head. Don’t worry, he’ll get some shoulders at least. Working from a picture of Eddie Redmayne, who was automatically my headcanon for Earl since I saw him (with a few tweaks). When I started this, it was for Incorporearl, which is why he has green eyes. I’m still unsure what her Earl looks like, so…I do know he has longer hair than this shows, but it could be tied back. We’ll see what happens. Oh! And more freckles!

~Props to VidenteFernandez for causing my undying devotion to this character.~

Watercolour, pencil




John Green is not the terrible person he’s painted to be. [Sources]


As someone who is friends with Hank and has many people close who know John personally, I can honestly say these brothers are two of the kindest, generous men who have a thirst for educating and learning, as well as always striving for self-improvement. I am not saying you have to enjoy John’s writing, but you cannot judge an entire personally based on one output of creativity.

Night Vale (and Desert Bluffs) sketchy chibis I said I was working on the other day. 

Kevin - Eileen - Riddle (my OC) - Cecil

Cecil decided to be buff. Riddle decided to look like a (very pale) goof. Kevin didn’t look right until he got his smile. Eily (videntefernandez’ OC) looks super cute.

Edit: Also! My wife reminded me to remind You that if you would like me to draw chibis for you, I am still accepting commissions!

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